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Our Staff Literally Goes the Extra Mile

Every day, these smart, passionate people work hard to help Let Me Run reach and inspire as many boys as possible.

Hailee Sandberg

Eastern Iowa Corridor Regional Director

Why Let Me Run?

I have two amazing boys and I want them and all boys to grow up in a world where they are accepted for who they are. That they are truly valued for their compassion and empathy for others. That they know it is far better to do for others vs doing only for themselves. I also believe that if boys are taught what true confidence means that they will be boys who grow into strong men who believe that ALL people are worthy and equal.

Stephanie Coffey

Eastern Iowa Corridor Program Coordinator

Why Let Me Run?

One of my biggest passions is being involved in the community and helping people. I believe that our society needs to better invest in our youth, as they are our future leaders and entrepreneurs and the best way we can achieve that is by focusing on programs like Let Me Run. I have personally experienced the joys, inspiration, and courage that running gives and I think that everyone deserves to experience that gift. Providing youth with a creative outlet for their physical, social, and emotional needs is so important and I'm confident that Let Me Run can help do that for our boys. I am thrilled and honored to be able to share my love of running and helping youth with Let Me Run.