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Our Council Literally Goes the Extra Mile

Every day, these smart, passionate people work hard to help Let Me Run reach and inspire as many boys as possible.

Matthey Coffey - Advisory Council Chair

Collins Aerospace

Why Let Me Run?

I'm excited to be a part of Let Me Run because I believe the lessons that boys learn when they are young will be important in shaping them into successful adults in the future. Focusing on positive interactions and healthy lifestyles will give the boys of Let Me Run the skills to positively engage with others and to creatively explore solutions to the challenges they will face throughout their lives. I have a passion for running and living a healthy, active lifestyle. I'm looking forward to introducing that to the boys of Let Me Run!

David Moser, PhD. - 5K Race Director

University of Iowa

Why Let Me Run?

I’m enthusiastic about Let Me Run for a number of reasons. While there are many youth programs that focus on developing athletic skills, and some that focus on personal development, it is rare to find a holistic program like Let Me Run that fosters overall health, fitness, and personal development within a single curriculum. Additionally, there is so much societal pressure on boys to think and behave in specific stereotyped ways and sometimes that creates a situation in which a boy faces a difficult choice between being his true self or the version of his self that the world seems to expect. Let Me Run helps boys develop the courage to be their true selves, whether that lines up with traditional masculine stereotypes or not. It also helps participants learn to appreciate and celebrate the differences they see in their peers, both male and female, as opposed to being threatened by such diversity. Let Me Run is a terrific program and I feel lucky to be involved.

Ara Ispentchian - 5k Race Director

Aegon Global Technology

Why Let Me Run?

I have a passion for bringing a community together and helping them reach a goal. Our world's future is in the hands of the generation that is currently faced with so many pressures. The Let Me Run Program provides incredible education on mindset and social norms to help our youth to be successful and confident young men. Running is an incredible sport, combining this program with running provides such an incredible outlet to allow them to be free and experience the joys that it brings to someone. I enjoy bringing my running and real life experience to the Let Me Run EIC advisory council and to continue to grow the program in Eastern Iowa.

Charity Nebbe

Iowa Public Radio

Why Let Me Run?

There are so many things about our culture that tell boys what they should and shouldn't be. I'm part of Let Me Run because I want to make sure that boys have a place where they can be their authentic selves. I want them to learn that it's ok to express their emotions and lean on others. I also love watching the boys learn about what they're capable of as they grow as runners and teammates. I'm in it for the confidence the boys build, the close relationships they develop and the triumph they feel when they cross the finish line!

Melissa Myers

Wells Fargo

Why Let Me Run?

Maya Angleou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you (” In today’s society, it is many times difficult for young boys to be able to express themselves due to stereotypes and social norms. When boys are not taught how to be self-aware of their emotions and mange them, it can lead to stress. This stress may be released in a multitude of ways, including anger. Unfortunately, when boys are not taught or given an outlet to manage their emotions, it can lead to dire consequences. In raising two boys, who are now men, I have seen the pressure they have had to endure to remain stoic and physically strong when in public. Boys should be given the same opportunity to demonstrate their emotions as girls do, without appearing weak. In doing this, it will create men with more positive mental health, self-esteem, and masculinity. In working with the coaches and the curriculum, it gives young boys opportunities to develop positive relationships and realize that running can be used as an outlet. I truly agree with Benjamin Disraeli when he stated, “Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and with fervor (”

Jeremy Mims

Head Coach Girls Track & Assistant Coach Football - Liberty High

Why Let Me Run?

I am involved with Let Me Run because of the positive influence it has on the lives of young boys. Running can be an inclusive endeavor that allows runners to push themselves while developing self-confidence and healthy relationships. There are few things in sports that are as uplifting as watching runners cross a finish line only to turn around and cheer on the other competitors. Let Me Run offers these boys a place to be themselves and pushes them to be their best in and out of sport.